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I made a few wallpapers because I was bored at work and my messengers refused to work. And if I restarted my laptop in an attempt to make them I was afraid my firefox tabs wouldn't reload. Thus entertaining myself. I couldn't find any to-do lists or requests in my inbox so I'm assuming for once that I'm caught up on those. (If I owe you something feel free to remind me.) (Or if you want something just ask.) Putting thumbnails outside the cut so you can see if they're worth your while (wile?)...One Kris, one Adam, and one Kris/Adam. 'Cause that's how I roll. *snorts*

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I have the originals sized at 1440x900 but photobucket resizes to 1024x768 I think. If you want the original email me. )
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So I'm pretty sure Rachael will shank me if she gets online later and finds out I didn't post this like I said I would...She made me promise I would so I guess I have to. She was asking for cheer earlier and I figured I'd make her something when I had a second. Well, I had asecond and we were chatting and she told me to have at Prison. So I did. And this is the result.


I'm really pleased with the way Ryan's bruises turned out. Since I've never made bruises on someone in photoshop before. I got her stuck in caps so I'm calling it a win. And if you like angst and have read her fic, yet? You so should. Prison AU you guys. It's gorgeous. I loved it.

[ profile] dancinbutterfly's "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison"

Also, probably not something you want to open at work, fyi. =D
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Graphic round up. Remember that meme for the first ten people to comment? Yeah. Done with all the requests so far. There's still like 5 spaces left if someone still wants. I'm posting the graphics I made for people here as well as in the comments there just to keep track of it all. And so people can see what I made if they want.

Icons, banners, and a wallpaper behind the cut. )
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Look, look! I committed arts. Sort of. Here's the banner version and the new default icon for my lj. I was bored. And it was fun. =D


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I'm having a little too much fun with my brushes. >.<



Generation Kill and a Bob Bryar banner that has...homage to...a certain bird friend of mine.

ilu [ profile] crowgirl13.
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This is for [ profile] saxihighlandck. Because I was bored again. Continuing photoshop adventures ahoy.
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I made a Gerard and Lyn-Z Banner! *bounces* I am pleased with this. =D I used this tutorial: I changed a few things here or there so they weren't identical but I like the overall process the author used. It was fun and helpful. Just sharing my efforts with Photoshop. If this is annoying somebody tell me to stop, kay?
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Banner attempt with Photoshop #2. I figured out how to move things on my layers. Aren't I speshul? D'oh. *Facepalm*

If you'd rather not see my crappy artwork. )
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My writing-fu has deserted me...and I need to remember to email the NateF/AlexS to Dhu...but I'm doing this anway. Stealing from all over the f-list. And I'm limiting you cretins to two each. *eyes you*

Reply and name two characters from different fandoms and I'll write a ficlet or something. commentfic!

Fandoms: Bandom, Supernatural, Firefly, NCIS, NCIS:LA, Eastwick, Generation Kill, Watchmen, Criminal Minds, Batman/Nightwing, Harry Potter, MASH, RENT, Stargate (SG1 and SGA), and MacGyver...I'm probably forgetting some but these are the ones I'm reasonably comfortable in so take your pick.

Remember...two scenarios each...may open it up for more after that depending on how many comments I actually get.
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So it's posting day! Well, it's 21 minutes after mindnight making it technically Friday, October 23rd, so technically it's my posting day? *hands* I'm posting now anyway. So here it is for your viewing pleasure...

Artist name: [ profile] sly_fuck
Fandom: Music RPS/Bandom/Popslash?
Genre: Slash
Pairing: AJ McLean/Nick Carter
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: None, really?


And the story info for those on my f-list not involved with RPF Big Bang...

Title: Become
Author name: [ profile] rockmyway
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Type: slash & het
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Nick Carter/AJ McLean
Warnings: language, sex, violence
Summary: Nick Carter's whole world is turned upside when he comes home to find his family has been murdered by vampires. For years, he goes through the motions and just floats through life. His girlfriend has left him, and most of his friends. The local bar owner, Brian Littrell, seems to be the only one holding onto to their friendship or so it seems. Someone in the shadows has their eye on Nick Carter, having watched him from afar for far too long. He is about to make his presence known. When it becomes apparent what his intentions are, a whole new can of worms is opened. It seems someone else is interested in Mr. Carter as well. Nick suddenly has too much on his plate. Struggling with the family business, his little brother returning home from college and news from his ex-girlfriend, Carter isn't sure what he is going to do or how to handle the new war that has been brought upon his small town.
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What A Catch, Donnie is up early! \o/ Major wing! Lots of Patrick! So much, in fact that I couldn't resist fighting with my crappy internet connection and making a screen grab of him giggling at his new bird!friend. *grins* Icons, ho!

01 Photobucket 02 Photobucket

Also, I made a couple more MCR at the Roxy icons in the form of Mikey and Frank's dual sex faces. Enjoy!

03 Photobucket 04 Photobucket

Feel free to add your own text, or I can if you don't know how. Lemme know what you want. Communication is key, ppl.
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I was bored. And joking around with [ profile] saxihighlandck and made a comment I felt needed to be made into an icon. And then she asked me to make one with a different quote...and yeah, there are fifteen bandom icons here. All text, no pictures.

01 Photobucket 02 Photobucket 03 Photobucket
icons! )
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So [ profile] turps33 was awesome and shared pictures from MCR's show at The Roxy. I stoled them and made icons. They're pretty basic. Can use them as bases if you like. Anywho, have at 'em

01 Photobucket 02 Photobucket 03 Photobucket

Rest )
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So I was playing around with the graphics program again. I was attempting to make a Header for someone *coffs* But certain Boys are not cooperating with my Muse...or my Muse isn't cooperating with me...wither way works there. Stubborn thing. So I made a pretty with this awesome picture of Pink I've been saving. No reason for it, I'm just a very bored insomniac. You know the drill, credit is shiny and so are you if you like it enough to use it. I can and will add text if you like.

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So, yeah. Went Darkside. Bandom. I am deeply, deeply ashamed. Not ashamed enough to stop, of course. But yeah. =D Fic, dvds, cds, pictures...I have them. Actually just to show how far I'd gone this is what I spent yesterday and today doing... )
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Made a banner using AJ and Brian pictures...mostly cause I was bored...

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So I got bored and made icons...a few Sophia Bush, one random Impala, couple of unrelated quote icons, a few popslash ones, and mostly Justin and Jessica because I decided there should be moer of my (hetsekrit) OTP floating around.

Behind the cut to spare your f-list size...I'm considerate, yo. )
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So I was bored and really should have been sleeping. (Omg 10hr shift tonight and I've been up since noon...went to bed at 8:30am ppl, I'mma die tonight.) And made [ profile] sylum_tru a banner.

Two versions behind this cut. Because I'm compulsive and can never make just one. )
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6 icons behind here because I was bored...all BSB )

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