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So I signed up and did the Kradam Reverse Big Bang. And my author [ profile] diane_mckay did a really excellent job. There's been a lot of amazing fic over there, so if you're not reading it and you like Kradam you really should be. Anyway, my art is behing the lj-cut.

This way there be pretties. )
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So [ profile] foxxcub posted this the other day and my brain went ARTHUR. And then immediately after that decided it was time to open photoshop. YAY NO MORE FINALS TO INTERFERE WITH FANART. (Sorry for the CAPS can't help myself sometimes.) Which led to me making this...

Arthur needs an Eames )

So, yeah. ALL kinds of fun was had at work today. I had nothing to do... I stuffed envelopes. And put stamps on them. That is all. New job is AWESOME. The wallpaper is 1440x900. If you need/want another size lemme know. How was your day?
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Yay new header!


And Cake!


Today is a good day.
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It's posting day! My author for [ profile] warbigbang was [ profile] passionofmind wrote this amazing Bourne AU for Generation Kill. It's Brad/Nate and it's one of the best fics I've ever read, definitely top 5 of my GenKill list.

I suck at reviews though. I get stuck on the 'OMG I LOVED IT' aspect. Basically if you liked Generation Kill or Bourne then you need to read this. And since I suck at reviews, I had to made her a massive amount of art. Some icons, a couple banners, and a wallpaper variation. )
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SPIRIT DAY. I am wearing my purple and crying over everybody's "It Gets Better" posts and if I wasn't an emotional stump I'd share mine. Maybe later I can work up the courage for that. (Icon thieved from [ profile] kari_hermione btw.) I'm a little sad that there aren't more purple wearing fiends running around my campus. You'd think there would be more at what is basically an Art school. I feel like fantasy life has let me down there. Thanks tv and fandom. Meh. I'm sad in general today. Stupid PMS is kicking my hormonal ass.

I presented my contraption and had the most steps to do the simplest thing. I win at making things complicated? /o\ My teacher laughed his ass off and loved it though. So I'm calling today's Creativity in Design class a win. I was glad I got to make him laugh since he's in pain and going for surgery tomorrow. Good luck, Mr R! Feel better. *releases good vibes into the wild*

[ profile] andreas_ri posted some more amazing pictures today and I felt the urge to make a wallpaper again. It's SGA/John Sheppard specifically if that is relevant to your interests. [ profile] csi_chic_jayme don't worry I'm emailing it to you too so you can have the full size version since photobucket keeps shrinking it on me. Wallpaper be this way. )
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Played around with some ideas from this: tutorial. And some JDM and Jensen pictures. One Banner and one wallpaper behind the cut. )
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So instead of working on commissions like I should I decided to entertain myself with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy. (In my defense I was trying to jumpstart the muse...) I was playing with tutorials from [ profile] mata090680, who makes amazingly pretty things. And anywho...Arthur/Eames fanart! Sort of...

3 wallpaper variations, 1 banner with matching icon )
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It occurs to me that I've made a few wallpapers in the past few days that I hadn't posted behind the cut are a few of various sizes and subjects if you want. CUT )
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So I'm pretty sure Rachael will shank me if she gets online later and finds out I didn't post this like I said I would...She made me promise I would so I guess I have to. She was asking for cheer earlier and I figured I'd make her something when I had a second. Well, I had asecond and we were chatting and she told me to have at Prison. So I did. And this is the result.


I'm really pleased with the way Ryan's bruises turned out. Since I've never made bruises on someone in photoshop before. I got her stuck in caps so I'm calling it a win. And if you like angst and have read her fic, yet? You so should. Prison AU you guys. It's gorgeous. I loved it.

[ profile] dancinbutterfly's "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison"

Also, probably not something you want to open at work, fyi. =D
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So it's posting day! Well, it's 21 minutes after mindnight making it technically Friday, October 23rd, so technically it's my posting day? *hands* I'm posting now anyway. So here it is for your viewing pleasure...

Artist name: [ profile] sly_fuck
Fandom: Music RPS/Bandom/Popslash?
Genre: Slash
Pairing: AJ McLean/Nick Carter
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: None, really?


And the story info for those on my f-list not involved with RPF Big Bang...

Title: Become
Author name: [ profile] rockmyway
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Type: slash & het
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Nick Carter/AJ McLean
Warnings: language, sex, violence
Summary: Nick Carter's whole world is turned upside when he comes home to find his family has been murdered by vampires. For years, he goes through the motions and just floats through life. His girlfriend has left him, and most of his friends. The local bar owner, Brian Littrell, seems to be the only one holding onto to their friendship or so it seems. Someone in the shadows has their eye on Nick Carter, having watched him from afar for far too long. He is about to make his presence known. When it becomes apparent what his intentions are, a whole new can of worms is opened. It seems someone else is interested in Mr. Carter as well. Nick suddenly has too much on his plate. Struggling with the family business, his little brother returning home from college and news from his ex-girlfriend, Carter isn't sure what he is going to do or how to handle the new war that has been brought upon his small town.

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