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I'm way too easily bored at my new job. LOL. Good thing? Not good for business because that means we're slow but yay more internet time. (Especially since ours is down at home.) Anyway, I was talking to [ profile] passionofmind and decided to post pictures of the new office space. It's tiny and has no windows and makes me feel like I'm in time out but it's miiiiiiiiiine.

A few pictures behind the cut. Nothing special. )

That's the office! Fun times. So. Fucking. Bored.
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Look, look! I committed arts. Sort of. Here's the banner version and the new default icon for my lj. I was bored. And it was fun. =D


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This is for [ profile] saxihighlandck. Because I was bored again. Continuing photoshop adventures ahoy.
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My writing-fu has deserted me...and I need to remember to email the NateF/AlexS to Dhu...but I'm doing this anway. Stealing from all over the f-list. And I'm limiting you cretins to two each. *eyes you*

Reply and name two characters from different fandoms and I'll write a ficlet or something. commentfic!

Fandoms: Bandom, Supernatural, Firefly, NCIS, NCIS:LA, Eastwick, Generation Kill, Watchmen, Criminal Minds, Batman/Nightwing, Harry Potter, MASH, RENT, Stargate (SG1 and SGA), and MacGyver...I'm probably forgetting some but these are the ones I'm reasonably comfortable in so take your pick.

Remember...two scenarios each...may open it up for more after that depending on how many comments I actually get.
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So [ profile] turps33 was awesome and shared pictures from MCR's show at The Roxy. I stoled them and made icons. They're pretty basic. Can use them as bases if you like. Anywho, have at 'em

01 Photobucket 02 Photobucket 03 Photobucket

Rest )
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So I was playing around with the graphics program again. I was attempting to make a Header for someone *coffs* But certain Boys are not cooperating with my Muse...or my Muse isn't cooperating with me...wither way works there. Stubborn thing. So I made a pretty with this awesome picture of Pink I've been saving. No reason for it, I'm just a very bored insomniac. You know the drill, credit is shiny and so are you if you like it enough to use it. I can and will add text if you like.

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Made a banner using AJ and Brian pictures...mostly cause I was bored...

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So I got bored and made icons...a few Sophia Bush, one random Impala, couple of unrelated quote icons, a few popslash ones, and mostly Justin and Jessica because I decided there should be moer of my (hetsekrit) OTP floating around.

Behind the cut to spare your f-list size...I'm considerate, yo. )
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So I was bored and really should have been sleeping. (Omg 10hr shift tonight and I've been up since noon...went to bed at 8:30am ppl, I'mma die tonight.) And made [ profile] sylum_tru a banner.

Two versions behind this cut. Because I'm compulsive and can never make just one. )
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6 icons behind here because I was bored...all BSB )
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I tried this a couple of ways I think the black and white's the best so that's what you get to see. Of course we all know I have a thing for evil here's my latest banner attempt. Want, Take, Have. Credit's shiny but I'm not demanding it.

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So someone *coughs*[ profile] silentflux*coughs* was talking about Due south banners...and needing one...and yeah, the graphics muse decided to play. I wish the writing muse would come else am I supposed to finish the Firefly/Spn crossover, dammit? Anywho, banners (different versions of the same thing really) be behind here. )
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But I wasn't entirely happy with the new header. Maybe because I'd gone a little overboard playing with the same picture to different effects. Any way. New one, better color scheme, less blinding. Here: [ profile] sly_fuck.

I also went through and deleted old icons and added new icons to my user pics. It was time for a change all around apparently. Now I just need to make a new FO banner to match everything else and I really will be happy with it.

[ETA] Cross that off my to do list. =D


There's a second version that has flames added to match my header in my FO post now if you were curious. =D I'll go away now. Night all.

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