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So [ profile] foxxcub posted this the other day and my brain went ARTHUR. And then immediately after that decided it was time to open photoshop. YAY NO MORE FINALS TO INTERFERE WITH FANART. (Sorry for the CAPS can't help myself sometimes.) Which led to me making this...

Arthur needs an Eames )

So, yeah. ALL kinds of fun was had at work today. I had nothing to do... I stuffed envelopes. And put stamps on them. That is all. New job is AWESOME. The wallpaper is 1440x900. If you need/want another size lemme know. How was your day?
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SPIRIT DAY. I am wearing my purple and crying over everybody's "It Gets Better" posts and if I wasn't an emotional stump I'd share mine. Maybe later I can work up the courage for that. (Icon thieved from [ profile] kari_hermione btw.) I'm a little sad that there aren't more purple wearing fiends running around my campus. You'd think there would be more at what is basically an Art school. I feel like fantasy life has let me down there. Thanks tv and fandom. Meh. I'm sad in general today. Stupid PMS is kicking my hormonal ass.

I presented my contraption and had the most steps to do the simplest thing. I win at making things complicated? /o\ My teacher laughed his ass off and loved it though. So I'm calling today's Creativity in Design class a win. I was glad I got to make him laugh since he's in pain and going for surgery tomorrow. Good luck, Mr R! Feel better. *releases good vibes into the wild*

[ profile] andreas_ri posted some more amazing pictures today and I felt the urge to make a wallpaper again. It's SGA/John Sheppard specifically if that is relevant to your interests. [ profile] csi_chic_jayme don't worry I'm emailing it to you too so you can have the full size version since photobucket keeps shrinking it on me. Wallpaper be this way. )
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Played around with some ideas from this: tutorial. And some JDM and Jensen pictures. One Banner and one wallpaper behind the cut. )
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'Cause you're not getting Adam wallpaper. My muse is still a bitch. Also, my wife dinged the new car. I am giving myself one day to rag on her for this so I must do it in as many places as possible. (Yep, the person in the house who -has- been driving everyday for the passed few years versus the person who hasn't is the first to ding it. I win.)

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It occurs to me that I've made a few wallpapers in the past few days that I hadn't posted behind the cut are a few of various sizes and subjects if you want. CUT )
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I made a few wallpapers because I was bored at work and my messengers refused to work. And if I restarted my laptop in an attempt to make them I was afraid my firefox tabs wouldn't reload. Thus entertaining myself. I couldn't find any to-do lists or requests in my inbox so I'm assuming for once that I'm caught up on those. (If I owe you something feel free to remind me.) (Or if you want something just ask.) Putting thumbnails outside the cut so you can see if they're worth your while (wile?)...One Kris, one Adam, and one Kris/Adam. 'Cause that's how I roll. *snorts*

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I have the originals sized at 1440x900 but photobucket resizes to 1024x768 I think. If you want the original email me. )
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Graphic round up. Remember that meme for the first ten people to comment? Yeah. Done with all the requests so far. There's still like 5 spaces left if someone still wants. I'm posting the graphics I made for people here as well as in the comments there just to keep track of it all. And so people can see what I made if they want.

Icons, banners, and a wallpaper behind the cut. )
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Two BSB wallpapers behind the cut. Well, two versions of one wallpaper I guess... )

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